Here’s some news boaters in Osceola should like to read, Shingle Creek is open to water traffic after completion of a shoal removal project that began late last year.

The purpose of the project was to improve boating access to the area and habitat for aquatic species.

Though the dredge piping has been removed from the water, boaters accessing the area around the entrance of Shingle Creek on Lake Tohopekaliga are urged to navigate with caution as construction barges (secured with lights) are still in place.

Boaters are urged to:
•   Follow the Rules of the Road. Be aware of other boats. Be aware of any light or sound signals.
•   Always keep an eye on those in the water
•   Operate at safe speeds
•   Make sure passengers are following rules. Everyone needs a personal floatation device. Don’t let passengers sit on railings or other unsafe places.

Happy and safe boating!