Here’s a question for parents with school-aged children:

With all schools now on distance learning for over a month now, and all those students looking to you parents now for help when a teacher isn’t at the other end of an virtual meeting app … how much do you appreciate teachers these days?

There couldn’t be any better timing for Teacher Appreciation Week — it’s this week. Even through digital learning, The Osceola County School District plans to show teachers just how much they are loved and appreciated.

The district has set up a schedule for the week for some online and social media fun, and each day is themed:

Frame Yourself Monday — Parents, students and community members are encouraged to use one of the new Facebook frames made available over the weekend that let the world know you support amazing Osceola teachers, including a frame just for teachers to use to be recognized for support students no matter the distance.

Trivia Tuesday — Since students win every day by having awesome teachers, Tuesday teachers get the chance for the win. Teachers are encouraged to tune in to the district’s Facebook page at 6 p.m. for fun trivia questions to answer to win prizes.

We Love Teachers Wednesday — Parents, students and community members are encouraged to brag about their favorite Osceola educators by simply filling out a Share Your Great submission on the district’s website (, then be on the lookout for how it shares about all those great teachers.

Tag a Teacher Thursday — Parents, students and community members are encouraged to give Osceola County’s dedicated teachers a shout-out on their own social media pages, channels and accounts using the hashtag #WeLoveSDOCTeachers.

Fill A Teacher’s Inbox Friday — By Friday, every Osceola School District educator deserves to feel the love. On Friday, when students log into ClassLink to get the day’s assignments, they will find a certificate they can personalize and email to teachers to thank them for their hard work, support and assistance. Since teachers miss their students, it’s a chance for students to show they miss them right back.

So show support for you children’s educators during Teachers Appreciation Week! And teachers … yes, we sure do appreciate you for making a positive difference in the future of our community!