The Silver Spurs Riding Club canceled its Boots Bulls and Barrels rodeo that was scheduled for Saturday night October 1 because of Hurricane Ian, but that didn’t keep the non-profit organization from getting busy behind grill to feed first responders and those still staying in school hurricane shelters.

The cancellation of the rodeo meant the organization had over 1000 hotdogs and 0ver 1100 hamburgers on hand, so they decided to do what they do best, care for the community. So they broke out the charcoal grills and started cooking. Members from the riding club are visiting hurricane shelters throughout the county making sure people receive a hot meal as they wait to get back in their homes.

“We’re working with the Emergency Operation Center, and the Red Cross, and they’ve given us a list of where the hamburgers and hotdogs need to go. This club was founded on giving back to the community, for those who don’t know the club’s history,” Osceola County Commissioner and Silver Spurs Member Ricky Booth shared at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee.

Volunteers will continue to feed first responders and those in shelters as long as the hamburgers and hotdogs last, but what the Silver Spurs Riding Club will never run out of is their passion for community.