In St. Cloud’s most recent newsletter the city shared that St. Cloud has grown exponentially in the past decade, with more than 67% increase in overall population growth. The largest increase in St. Cloud has been within the Hispanic/Latino demographic. According to the United States Census Bureau, Hispanic/Latinos of any race make up 41.3% of the population, a 71% increase from 2010.

With the increase in population comes an increase in job opportunities, especially entrepreneurship. In St. Cloud, Latinos represent all major industry sectors, owning businesses in education, manufacturing, education, construction, finance, health services–to name a few. Latino – Owned Business (LOBs) owners tend to be younger than their non-Latino counterparts, according to the census.

For the City of St. Cloud, this could mean a greater diversity of the types of companies doing business in the City, an increase in jobs, an increase in profitable businesses in the market. In fact, the Hispanic/Latinos of any race make up 41.3% of the population, an impressive 71% increase from 2010 data at 29%.

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Article Source: City of St. Cloud Newsletter and Communications Dept.