On Saturday, the St. Cloud Fire Rescue Department held a community-focused meet and greet at the Winn Dixie in east St. Cloud. The event provided residents with an opportunity to meet the team from the soon-to-open Station 34 on Nora Tyson Rd.  Among the attendees were Fire Chief Jason Miller, Fire Marshal Richard Tonkins, Assistant Chief Samantha Frost, the St. Cloud Fire Rescue Mascot Sparky, as well as other fire professionals, paramedics, and representatives from HCA Florida.

“We’re here today to introduce our personnel to the citizens in the east side of St. Cloud. We did this in anticipation of our soon to open Station 34 that is located on Nora Tyson Rd.”, St. Cloud Fire Chief Jason Miller shared during the meet and greet event.

St. Cloud Fire Rescue
St. Cloud Fire Rescue 34
St. Cloud Fire Rescue

The opening of Station 34 is designed to ensure even faster response times for St. Cloud residents from St. Cloud’s fire rescue and emergency medical services teams.

Residents of all ages engaged with the fire rescue team, who will be responsible for their safety in the area near Station 34. The event featured tours of fire engines and an EMS vehicle, allowing attendees to gain insight into the equipment and operations of the fire rescue service. To add to the community spirit, the St. Cloud Fire Rescue Department served free hot dogs, chips, and sodas to all who stopped by.

A highlight of the event was a small trailer/home demonstration where fire professionals taught children how to safely and quickly exit a home or apartment in the event of a fire. This hands-on experience was both educational and engaging, emphasizing the importance of fire safety in a memorable way.

The meet and greet was a resounding success, strengthening the bond between the St. Cloud Fire Rescue Department and the community they serve. A big shout out to the St. Cloud Fire Rescue Department for providing this outstanding, safety-focused event for local residents.