On Saturday, District 1 Osceola County Commissioner Peggy Choudhry hosted a successful hiring event and ice cream social at the Osceola County Welcome Center and History Museum. This community-focused event aimed to connect residents with job and career opportunities while providing a fun and engaging atmosphere.

The event featured representatives from various departments, including the Osceola County Corrections Department, offering valuable insights into available positions and career paths within the county. Attendees had the chance to meet directly with potential employers, learn about job requirements, and submit applications on-site.

“It was another great hiring event in Osceola County, this time at the Welcome Center and History Museum in District 1. We had Osceola Corrections Department with us, and so other job and career opportunities. If you couldn’t join us today, keep an eye out for future hiring events on Osceola.org or any of our social media channels,” District 1 County Commissioner Peggy Choudhry share during the hiring event.

In addition to the career opportunities, Commissioner Choudhry ensured the event was enjoyable for all by including a free ice cream social. Families and job seekers alike were treated to sweet treats, making the hiring process a pleasant experience.

Commissioner Choudhry’s initiative highlights her commitment to fostering community engagement and providing resources for employment within Osceola County. By combining job opportunities with a fun social activity, the event successfully brought the community together and supported local workforce development.

For updates on future events from Commissioner Choudhry, email peggy.choudhry@osceola.org.