St. Cloud High School principal, Nate Fancher, was arrested on Tuesday, charged with criminal mischief, in connection with a car keying incident that St. Cloud Police said took place last Thursday in a Publix parking lot.

According to an arrest affidavit provided to Positively Osceola, St. Cloud Police officers were called to the Publix on Old Canoe Creek Rd and 13th Street after a victim informed the Publix that someone had “keyed” the entire side of her car.

St. Cloud Officers viewed parking lot surveillance footage and were able to observe a middle-aged white man with a black jacket, tan pants, and a shaved head approach the victim’s vehicle in the parking lot. The video shows the man moving his shopping bag from his left hand to his right, then walking around to the passenger side of the vehicle. Video footage then shows the man walking the entire length of the passenger side of the vehicle, with his left arm dragging behind the rest of his body.

According to the arrest affidavit, the man then looked back at the vehicle and eventually walked way, leaving the view of the camera, but returning again later, to seemingly view the side of the car again, then walking away. The damage to the vehicle has been estimated at over $3000.

After viewing surveillance footage of the man inside the store, St. Cloud officers were able to identify the man as St. Cloud High School Principal Nate Fancher.

When St. Cloud Police attempted to contact Fancher at his home, Fancher told them through a Ring doorbell camera that he was out of town, but could call him on his cell phone.

St. Cloud PD said when they reached out to Fancher on his cell phone and let him know that they needed to speak with him about what happened at Publix, Fancher asked, “is this about the car?”

An announcement was sent to parents by phone on Tuesday informing them that Principal Fancher was arrested.

“We firmly believe that one of our school’s many strengths is in the open communication lines that we have built with our Bulldog family. As such, I feel that it is important to let you know that the St. Cloud Police Department has arrested Principal Fancher for a criminal mischief incident that took place outside of school last week,” St. Cloud High School Assistant Principal Jennifer Wrona said. “Until the outcome of the law enforcement investigation and associated proceedings are complete, Mr. Fancher will be on administrative leave from the school. As this is a law enforcement matter, we are not able to discuss the incident in detail. Please be assured that our focus will remain on educating our students and minimizing any disruption in the learning process. Thank you for your continued support of our school.”

Fancher bonded out of the Osceola County Jail on Tuesday.