On Thursday in St. Cloud, nurses, doctors, and staff at St. Cloud Regional “felt the love” from the community as two different acts of kindness came to the St. Cloud community’s local hospital to say thank you, to encourage, to share hope, and to pray.

St. Cloud Regional Medical Center Chaplain, and Senior Pastor of  Crossroads Baptist Church, Jay McCaig, along with Pastor Jose Sanchez, led the crowd in front of St. Cloud Regional’s ER area in prayer and a time of thanks along with members of the City of St. Cloud staff and council members, St.Cloud Police, St. Cloud Fire Rescue, Draper Law Office, and numerous members of the community… all saying thank you to the health care workers at St. Cloud Regional who every day come to work to care for the sick, and those specifically who have been infected by COVID-19.

As the sun set on St. Cloud Regional Medical Center, the lights surrounding the hospital changed to red and blue as the Osceola Sheriff’s Office’s First Responder Parade of Lights came to say thank you. Over 30 Osceola Sheriff’s Office vehicles made their way through the hospital’s parking lot and Main Entrance area, sounding their horns, playing music, and flashing their lights… all intending to lift the spirits of the health care workers who had come outside to witness the parade and who are selflessly committed to caring for those with health needs in the community.

The First Responder Parade of Lights ended with the deputies standing outside their vehicles and applauding the St. Cloud Regional healthcare workers, who were obviously moved by the show of community support, as was all those who attended the event.

This is indeed a challenging time we are experiencing, but when our community shows its heart as it did on Thursday in St. Cloud, it becomes evident that hope, faith, compassion, and commitment with help us all put coronavirus in the rear view mirror!