When St. Cloud Regional Medical Center’s new Medical Office Building opens this summer, locals will be able to take care of many health care needs — office visit, labs and medication — all under one roof.

Hospital officials hope to open the 50,000 square foot, two-story addition at the corner of Budinger Avenue and U.S. Highway 192, developed by Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate, this summer

The first floor will feature a walk-in clinic, which will be open extended hours on nights and weekends, and retail pharmacy. At full build-out, the building will house St. Cloud Medical Group physician practice offices. These offices will include both specialty care practices and primary care offices under one roof, from Dr. Anderson to Dr. Zelenski.

Over 10 percent of the space is dedicated to primary care; five doctors will each have nurses stations and three exams rooms with adjacent lab services connected by shared doorways and work spaces. Ancillary hospital departments  such as orthopedics, urology, vascular surgery, ophthalmology, cardiology and rehab care will have space in the building.

And maybe the best part for patients — the building comes with a 196-space parking lot.

The new Medical Office Building was designed with input from the City of St. Cloud to become part of the city’s Medical Arts District designation.

St. Cloud Regional Medical Center officials held a hard-hat sneak peek Friday. Personnel who work in the current building say they’ll have about double the space in the new building, which includes space for future expansion and the eventual addition of more doctors.

While the building is still a network of cement floors and drywall partitions, the doctors, nurses and support staff who will work in there who took Friday’s tour were excited to see where their work space will be, and St. Cloud Regional CEO Brent Burish said he’s excited to deliver it.

“I’ve been in here a lot, I was here (Thursday),” he said. “I’ve learned where everything is supposed to be in there.”

Congratulations to St. Cloud Regional Medical Center for being such a great community partner, and we await your ribbon-cutting this summer!