Summer heat can sometimes be unbearable, so many of our furry friends join us by lounging on pool floaties or taking a dip in the water to cool off, but dog owners should be mindful of a few safety tips and pool care precautions with regard to allowing dogs to join us in our pools.

As the most trusted and experienced pool service provider in the community, Pinch a Penny Pool Patio and Spa in Saint Cloud believes “As long as it’s ok for humans to swim, it’s ok for dogs, but there are a few things to keep in mind.”
It’s important to test PH levels and water chemistry after your pooch hops out of the pool, so we highly recommend you take advantage of Pinch of Penny’s FREE pool water testing service. Just bring in a sample of your pool water in a clean plastic bottle, or stop by Pinch a Penny Pool Patio Spa in St. Cloud and pick up a free pool water testing bottle. They’re located at 4507 Old Canoe Creek Rd in St. Cloud. 

Is Chlorine Safe for Dogs?
·         High levels of chlorine can cause skin or eye irritation, so it’s a good idea to rinse dogs off after swimming.
·         Lay out bowls of fresh water so dogs are not drinking chlorine water in excess
·         Infections are caused by wet ears, so properly dry their ears after swimming

How Do Dogs Affect Pool Equipment and Chemistry?
·         If your pool is vinyl, be wary of punctures from long nails.
·         Brush your dog before swimming to help release loose hair to avoid clogging the pool filter

It’s important not to force dogs in the pool if they don’t want to swim, but how can dogs stay safe while swimming?
·         Consider life vests for dogs with short legs
·         Have a floaty available for tired pets, swimming is a full body work out
·         Put up a safety fence too keep dogs out of the pool while unsupervised
·         Have clearly marked pool steps so pets can easily exit the pool
·         Keep dogs away from stored chemical containers to prevent accidental ingestion.

We want to thank Pinch a Penny Pool Patio and Spa for providing these helpful tips, and for making a Positive Difference in Osceola County!

For more information visit Pinch a Penny Pool Patio Spa and speak to one of their pool, pato and spa experts!

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