The 11 a.m. update for Coronavirus cases shows Osceola now has 83 cases, up from 74 Saturday night. But — and clutch your lucky charms and holy relics tightly — the county has still yet to report a COVID-19 related death.

Matched with population figures, 1 out of 4,433 Osceola County residents have tested positive. That figure compares to 1 out of 5,612 in Orange County (246 positive out of its 1.25 million people) and 1 out of 18,179 in Polk.

Currently the Osceola County Department of Health has yet to receive testing kits. Testing availability will be announced and residents can be updated by calling the COVID-19 call center at 1-866-779-6121.

As of this morning the state of Florida tally is at 4,246 total cases, and 56 deaths. The state added 208 cases overnight, an increase of just 5 percent, less than the 10-20 percent jumps the state has seen over the last few days. And 57 percent of cases, almost 2,300, are in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Detailed Florida infection information can be found at the DOH’s dashboard.  A listing of the rest of the country, county-by-county (its updates lag just a bit) can be found at