Christmas Eve wasn’t your typical quiet affair in Cocoa Beach this year. It was a tidal wave of red and white as Santas, elves, reindeer, and even a bewildered Grinch traded sleighs for surfboards in the wildest Surfing Santas extravaganza yet!

Outrageous Santas Surf Live for the World!

Over 10,000 cheering spectators and 227 merry surfers, all decked out in costumes as outrageous as the waves themselves, painted the beach a kaleidoscope of festive fun. They completely filled the beach several blocks north and south of the main stage. We’re talking Rudolph rocking shades, a Silver Surfer with a glittering suit, Superman Santa surfer wearing his cape, the Pineapple Guy and blow-up gingerbread man were walking around and there even was a Grinch baby with long green fur.  And thanks to our sponsor and live stream host, Surf Guru, the world got to witness the holiday cheer in all its glory! News outlets and YouTube viewers across the globe tuned in to see the magic unfold.

Festive Tunes Melt Raindrops: Santas’ Opening Ceremony Shines!

The windy early morning kicked off threats of rain but with the wishes of the crowd with the holiday spirit, the sprinkles and clouds soon parted with warm sunshine peeking through. And the official opening resonated like a joyous carol. Pastor Keith offered a heartwarming invocation, followed by the legendary Balsa Bill serenading the crowd with several songs and ending with a festive rendition of “Mele Kaliki Maka.” Those that could carry a tune, sang along.

Surfing Santa

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer Won Best Costume Prize!

And the costume contest was a carnival of Christmas creativity. Several rounds of contestants graced the stage. There were Flamingos with baby Flamingos, Christmas Trees, Grinch babies, and even a Space Santa surfer. 

One surfer won hearts (and laughs) dressed up as ‘The Lord’, with a long beard. When asked if he surfed, he said “I can do better than surf. I can walk!” (on water). The crowd roared in laughter. 

But the grand prize, a GoPro camera to capture future aquatic adventures and a bag full of many other prizes, went to ‘Grandma got run over by a reindeer’ surfer who truly embodied the spirit of the event. Dressed as a Christmas Grandma with reindeer imprints across her torso, complete with pink penguin slippers and broken glasses, the cheer loudness factor was the most over the competition, taking the win.

Santa Singing

Salty Air, Feel-Good Music: Santas Sway to Harbor City Trio.

And keeping the energy buzzing throughout the day were the ever-delightful Harbor City Trio! Imagine sun-kissed harmonies wafting through the salty air, blending beachy grooves with bluesy licks and feel-good vibes. These seasoned musicians, as their Facebook page says, “weave acoustic guitar, stand-up bass, and vocals into a tapestry of Americana, blues, and folk music.” Their infectious tunes were the perfect soundtrack to the day’s festive chaos, and their onstage smiles matched the sunshine in brightness.

Surfing Santas Cheer: “It’s all about the beach!”

Then came the epic photo op! The real stars were the Surfing Santas themselves!  Surfing Santas (and friends!) crowded around the main stage area and the arch of surfboards, their joyful faces beaming brighter than the Florida sun and everyone waving and cheering “It’s all about the beach, Cocoa Beach, Surfing Santas!” It was a moment of pure Christmas magic, captured forever in multiple, joyous clicks, or more likely in a hi-def video clip.

Santas Shred: Belly Flops and Waves of Xmas Mayhem!

And then, the moment everyone was waiting for – All Santas hit the waves! Hundreds of jolly surfers paddled out, a sea of red and white carving up the rough turquoise waters with laughter and spray. From graceful ballets on longboards to belly flops that would make Rudolph blush, the ocean became a stage for pure Christmas silliness. A rogue wave sent a trio of Santas tumbling into a watery snowball fight, emerging with dripping beards and grins even wider. Another caught a wave with a pack of inflatable reindeer hitched to his board, creating a surreal tableau of surfing Santa Claus towing his own mini North Pole.

Flowing Skirts & Smiles: Brevard Hawaiian Dancers Charm Surfing Santas!

As they rode the waves, the Brevard Hawaiian Dancers graced the stage with their mesmerizing hula. Their flowing skirts and rhythmic movements transported the crowd to a tropical paradise, a welcome escape from the winter chill. Imagine vibrant plumeria leis adorning sun-kissed shoulders, feet dancing in perfect unison, and the soulful strains of ukulele tunes filling the air. The dancers of all ages, brought with them the essence of Aloha. Their smiles were as infectious as the rhythm of the hula, and their graceful movements wove a spell of joyful island warmth into the beach’s festive tapestry.

King Center Bonanza! Surfing Santas Raffle Grants Year of Shows!

The grand finale arrived with a raffle that could melt even the coldest Grinch’s heart. Susan Morse of Merritt Island walked away with a celebrity autographed surfboard, ready to hang proudly on their wall. But the real treasure she won was the “King Center Passport,” offering a year of entertainment with a pair of tickets to one show every month in 2024 at the King Center in Melbourne, FL. Talk about a stocking stuffer for the ages! Thank you King Center for such a wonderful gift!

Surfing Santas Honor Jimmy Buffett with a Conga Line!

The event concluded at 12pm Eastern with a special tribute to the legendary Jimmy Buffett. The wind and the surf were way too strong to safely paddle out for many of the surfers. So, it was switched up to a fun Conga Line! Jimmy’s famous tune, “Bubbles Up” was the music and the tribute board led the way with many following suit honoring the musician who so beautifully captured the spirit of the coast. It was a fitting end to a day that proved even Santa can shred, and that Christmas cheer knows no bounds, especially when it comes with a surfboard and a wave of aloha.

Surfing Santas Give Back: Museum & Cancer Patients Benefit!

But at the heart of all the merriment and mayhem, beat a deeper purpose. Surfing Santas is more than just a beach party – it’s a fundraiser for two worthy causes: the Florida Surf Museum and Grind for Life.

The Florida Surf Museum preserves the unique history and culture of Florida surfing, while Grind for Life provides financial assistance and support to cancer patients and their families. Every laugh, every cheer, every dollar raised goes towards making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Source: Surfing Santas