“Symbols and Myths,”  an exhibition of artworks created by Central Florida artists Jose Sanchez and Raul Gomez is open in the Community Gallery at Osceola Arts in Kissimmee through November 6.

Sanchez, a Puerto Rican native, and Gomez, born in Cuba, both have strong connections to their Taino/African/Hispanic heritage and the Surrealist movement.

Both artists paint narratives rooted in dreams, fantasy, memories, and fragmented identities.

In “Symbols and Myths” Gomez and Sanchez nostalgic for the ancestral past of their island cultures, pay tribute to poetic origin stories, and the unconscious mind with art pieces that revel in the uncanny. Symbols and Myths will be on display in the Community Gallery through November 6.
For more info contact marilyn@osceolaarts.org.