Since 1989, “Taco Tuesday” has been registered as a trademark, creating potential legal consequences for those that want to use the phrase. According to Taco Bell,  that’s just not right, and they’re fighting to free the phrase for the world to use!

Taco Bell has filed legal petitions to cancel the federal trademark registrations for “Taco Tuesday” via the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Taco Bell believes ”Taco Tuesday” should belong to all who make, sell, eat and celebrate tacos. In fact, the very essence of “Taco Tuesday” is to celebrate the commonality amongst people of all walks of life who come together every week to celebrate something as simple, yet culturally phenomenal, as the taco. How can anyone Live Más if they’re not allowed to freely say “Taco Tuesday?” It’s pure chaos, Taco Bell said in a recent news release.

Taco Bell seeks no damages or trademark rights in “Taco Tuesday,” it’s simply seeking top use the common term “Taco Tuesday”  In filing the legal petitions, Taco Bell is honoring people’s right to come together and celebrate the joys of tacos, on Tuesdays and every other day.

To show their support for Taco Bell’s liberation efforts, fans and taco lovers alike are invited to sign the Freeing Taco Tuesday petition at Taco Bell will also be conducting a Reddit AMA on Monday, May 22, where anyone can ask any questions about the liberation campaign and learn more about upcoming activities. For additional information on the liberation journey, visit and follow along on Taco Bell social channels.