As Osceola County continues to grow into one of the fastest-developing regions in the country, the increasing traffic brings greater demands for vigilance on the road. Distracted driving remains a significant risk to both drivers and pedestrians, especially at busy intersections and crosswalks. Whether it’s checking a text message, fumbling with the radio, or eating while driving, even a momentary lapse in attention can lead to severe consequences.

Since 1984, Draper Law Office has been a staunch advocate for responsible driving and protecting the rights of those affected by road accidents. The firm emphasizes that driving distracted or impaired not only endangers other drivers but also poses a significant threat to pedestrians. Crosswalks are meant to be safe passageways, but they become high-risk zones if drivers aren’t fully focused. By ensuring all road users stay alert and obey traffic rules, we can significantly reduce these preventable tragedies.

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