Summer is synonymous with vacations, outdoor activities, and lively gatherings. However, the season also brings an increase in impaired and distracted driving as vacationers and locals hit the roads in Osceola County. Seasonal events and a higher volume of traffic mean more distractions, which can lead to a rise in road incidents.

Draper Law Office, a longstanding pillar in the Osceola community since 1984, advises all drivers to practice vigilant and sober driving during the busy summer months. The firm emphasizes that every driver must be aware of the increased risks and be proactive in reducing them. Whether heading out for a weekend road trip or a quick run to the store, it’s crucial to be mindful of your surroundings, avoid distractions, and drive responsibly.

If you’re affected by a traffic-related incident this summer, Draper Law Office is prepared to assist you in navigating your legal rights. Reach out to Charlie Draper at 407.846.0075 or visit for professional advice and comprehensive legal support.