Summer in Florida can be very challenging for people, and for the dogs, and cats, so many of us love!

Here are some ways to ensure their safety during the hot summer months:

If your pet is not on a year around prevention medicine, be sure to take them for a spring or early summer checkup.

Be sure to give them plenty of water to keep them from becoming dehydrated or over heated.

Symptoms of overheated pets include:

  • Excessive panting or difficulty breathing
  • Increased heart and respiratory rate
  • Drooling
  • Mild weakness
  • Stupor or even collapse
  • Seizures
  • Bloody diarrhea
  • Vomit along with an elevated body temperature of over 104 degrees

Pugs, Persian cats and other animals with “flat” faces cannot pant as effectively and are more susceptible to heat stroke. These pets and those that are “on the mature side” or have health conditions should be kept inside more often where air conditioning can help them endure the heat more effectively.

For the safety of your pet, and because it is illegal in many states, DO NOT leave you pet alone in a parked vehicle, running or not running.

Just like children, pets can be highly attracted to pools. Be sure to always keep an eye on your pets when they are around water.

In an effort to keep their dogs cool during the hot summer months, people sometimes consider trimming their hair, but its always wide to consult a vet before fully shaving your dogs (or cats) , as their hair is a defense mechanism against extreme outside temperatures. Lastly, it’s important to be mindful of walking your dogs on the asphalt during hot summer days, as the pads on their paws are often sensitive and can be easily burned.

With suggestions like the ones we’ve shared, our wonderful furry friends can join us in enjoying summer in Osceola County, while being safe, healthy, and positively happy!