As we all hear from time to time, some mysteries in life aren’t meant to be solved. Yet we ponder and ponder and ponder, longing for closure on these illusive quandaries. Well here’s one of those unanswered mysteries that has puzzled generation after generation.

What is the purpose of that little undersized pocket on our jeans that’s nested inside an actual full sized pocket? You know, the one that doesn’t seem to have any purpose as a pocket at all because of its tiny, tiny size.

Well hold onto your hats, because the mystery is about to be revealed right here… right now.

The tiny little pocket inside the larger front pocket was originally purposed to hold watches, designed for cowboys in the 1800s. Now being that this is Osceola County, there are certainly cowboys still hard at work everyday and in need of knowing what time it is, but these days cowboys carry iPhones and android phones, neither of which fits inside the tiny little front pocket. So what are those mini-pockets being used for?

Here is a list of some of its “modern” uses:

  • coin pocket
  • ticket pocket
  • lip balm pocket
  • usb flash drive
  • gum pocket
  • lighter pocket

You actually may have repurposed the tiny little jean pocket yourself, but whatever that may be, it’s certainly no longer a watch pocket! The mystery has been solved!