Toho Water Authority is showing that it’s not only in the community, and part of the community, it’s also a good neighbor.

So, just in time for National Good Neighbor Day (, September 28, Toho team members have created a FREE useful information booklet that is an excellent guide to Toho’s services and programs.

The 20-page booklet focuses on company-wide approaches that address customer service, rates, assistance programs, water quality, construction projects, conservation strategies and more. The guide describes processes and procedures for operations and regulations.

The booklet does a great job showing the customer experience of learning more about all the programs that their water utility offers.

The Toho Water Authority guide is a digital booklet, making it simple to view and download! New customers who sign up for service will receive a link to access the booklet in their confirmation email, and Toho Water Customer Service representatives will also use it in their emails to new customers. Future plans include a Spanish version, and printed copies of the booklet. Digital and physical postcards will also be created to send to new customers informing them of the Customer Information Booklet.

Want a digital copy of the free customer info booklet? Just visit the Toho website now: