Are you a registered Democrat or Republican?

Did you participate in early voting, or Vote By Mail, in the Florida presidential primary?

If not, Today (Tuesday) is your last chance to partake in this American privilege and have a say in the Presidential candidates in the November election through 7 p.m.

Your polling place is on your voter registration card, or can be found at the Supervisor of Elections website Polling Locations page.

One change has been made for Precinct 106. Corporate management for Good Samaritan Village has asked that the polling place located at the Good Samaritan Community Center be moved to Pleasant Hill Elementary School located at 1801 Hoagland Boulevard (now called Jack Calhoun Boulevard).  Schools are on Spring Break this week so traffic should be minimal and will be limited to those people coming to vote. All Good Samaritan residents and other voters who normally vote at Good Samaritan Village will instead vote at Pleasant Hill.

The Supervisor of Elections office assures that going to vote today is safe — all surfaces will have been sanitized. You may bring your own pen (blue or black), and wipes, if it will make you feel better.

Any voters who have questions as to where to go on Election Day can go to the website or call the Elections Office at 407-742-6000.