A salmonella outbreak, believed to be linked to raw turkey, has infected 90 people and left dozens sick and in the hospital, the Centers for Disease Control has announced.

26 states have been affected and over 40 people have hospitalized, and health officials say a single source of the strain has not been found. No deaths have been reported at this time.

New York, Minnesota, Illinois and Texas have reported the highest number of cases, with a total of 38 infections. California, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have reported between four to six cases.

Investigators have linked the outbreak to raw turkey in various products and pet foods, as well as live turkeys.

The federal agency said the outbreak hasn’t been identified in a single source of raw turkey, “indicating it might be widespread in the turkey industry.”

Health officials aren’t advising consumers to avoid eating turkey, but they are reminding the public that  “properly cooked turkey products” should be fine, and  advised consumers to “always handle raw turkey carefully.”