UCF is expected to present its plans for re-opening the campus today to the Florida Board of Governors today at 4:50 p.m.  President Alexander N. Cartwright and members from its COVID-19 planning group shared a bulk of the university’s plans two weeks ago.

Like most public places these days, especially in Orange County that now has a mandate for them in public, the plan includes face coverings. The school will distribute them to those who need them, and the school has a list of locations online.

UCF has ordered an additional 1,200 hand sanitizing stations and 2,000 cases of refills. The stations will be strategically placed around campus in high-traffic areas and near commonly touched surfaces, such as near the doors at building entry points.

All employees and students will be required to complete an online training module prior to returning to campus, and some groups will be required be tested upon return to UCF. These groups are all students returning to university-owned housing; all students and staff residing in on-campus Greek housing; and all student-athletes whether living on or off campus. More information about the testing process will be shared with these students in the coming weeks. For others, COVID-19 testing is available at the main campus in Garage A and at the UCF Lake Nona Cancer Center but is not required to return to campus.

As for classes, school officials plan for a blend of online and in-person classes, UCF will switch back to exclusively remote instruction following the Thanksgiving holiday to minimize risk associated with a potential virus resurgence, but university operations will be normal, with residence halls, libraries and study and dining spaces will remain open for student use. Final exams and assessments will be administered remotely.

To accommodate physical distancing, classroom capacities are expected to decrease substantially, averaging 33 to 50 percent of regular capacity, depending on the room.

The school stresses that the plan is flexible and can be adjusted based on evolving public health conditions, such as if there is a resurgence of the virus.

Student housing will be open with reduced occupancy in on-campus locations, and access to residential spaces will be restricted to residential students, UCF staff and approved vendors.

Some Staff already began returning to campus on June 1 and others transition back to campus later in June — maintaining an office occupancy at or below 30 percent capacity.