If you’re a fan of Universal Orlando and have been enjoying one of its theme parks since they’ve reopened, you’ve seen the safety measures put in place in order to keep guests and employees safe an healthy.

The next time you head to Universal however, you’ll see another change in their face mask policy.

Universal has closed a “loophole” that made it possible for park guests to walk around the parks mask-free as long as they were eating and drinking at the same time.

Park guests must now wear face coverings at all times in the park, unless “actively eating or drinking,” and when doing that, must be physically distanced from other park visitors not part of their group.

In other words, masks must be worn in all areas of the park, unless you’re in a restaurant, dining area, or one of the new and designated U-Rest Areas, where masks can be removed for a quick breather.

Universal also added more specifics on the types of masks that are allowed at their parks. According to the updated policy, masks must cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly against the face, and must consist of at least two layers and not include mesh-like material.

Universal joins Disney World, which recently closed this same loophole in their parks for park guests.