As was expected Walt Disney World raised its prices recently, and their move was followed by Universal Studios doing the same. It’s been a normal move for the two largest theme parks in Central Florida at this time of year. Universal Studios has a number of new projects underway so increasing prices was not a surprise to anyone.

Universal Orlando Resort increased its ticket prices with single-park admission going up to $115 from $110. This is for a one-day ticket to either Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure and doesn’t allow for moving from one park to the other. Single-day tickets that allow for guests to move from park-to-park also went up five dollars and are now $170.

Spokeswoman for Universal Orlando Resort, Alyson Lundell, spoke about the ticket price increase.

“We evolve our prices to reflect the value of the entertainment experience we provide our guests, and we always work to create value-driven options for our guests within our most popular ticket packages. For example, guests who use our multi-day tickets can save as much as $60 per day off single-day prices.”Similar to Disney, single-day ticket prices are on a tiered system and vary in price depending on when a guest visits the parks.

These are the current daily ticket prices:

Universal Orlando One-Park

1-Day: $115 to $124
2-Day: $204.99
3-Day: $224.99
4-Day: $229.99
5-Day: $239.99

Universal Orlando Park-To-Park

1-Day: $170 to $179
2-Day: $264.99
3-Day: $284.99
4-Day: $299.99
5-Day: $314.99