Since August of 2017, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office has noticed an increase in persons posing as workers from places such as water companies, pest control companies, landscaping companies, or city utilities targeting the elderly residents of Osceola County in distraction thefts.

The thieves are alone or in pairs, traveling in unmarked work type vehicles, such as white trucks or vans. The person or persons may ask the homeowner to check on something in the back of the house while he or a partner takes items from inside the home. Incidents have occurred in several areas of St. Cloud and Kissimmee, including St. Cloud Manor, St. Cloud Lakeshore. Regal Oaks Pleasant Hill, Tierra Del Sol and Lakeview Oaks.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office requests all citizens be on alert when approached by anyone who contacts them at their home when they have not requested service. Reputable business representatives will have identification and will wait while you confirm their identity. Do not feel obligated to open your door to anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Please feel free to call the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office when you have any concerns. Anyone with information on these incidents is asked to contact the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office at (407) 348-2222.