The U.S. Department of Agriculture will be investing more than $46 million this year through the Joint Chiefs’ Landscape Restoration Partnership for projects that mitigate wildfire risk, improve water quality, and restore healthy forest ecosystems on public and private lands.

Funding for 37 projects includes $13 million for eight new projects and $33.3 million to complete work on 29 projects previously selected in 2019 and 2020. Through the projects, USDA’s Forest Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service are working hand-in-hand with agricultural producers, forest landowners, and National Forest System lands to improve forest health using available Farm Bill conservation programs and other authorities.

“The Joint Chiefs’ Landscape Restoration Partnership continues to provide an excellent example of the shared stewardship model,” said Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen. “The program enables federal, state, and local partners to work across boundaries and jurisdictions to accomplish joint management goals at a much larger scale.”

Added NRCS Acting Chief Kevin Norton: “These Joint Chiefs projects are proof positive of what can be achieved when there is collaboration at all levels – federal, state, and local. We’re proud to help continue these conservation partnerships and successes with these next eight projects.”

The Joint Chiefs’ Landscape Restoration Partnership enables NRCS and FS to collaborate with agricultural producers and forest landowners to invest in conservation and restoration at a big enough scale to make a difference. Working in partnership, and at this scale, helps reduce wildfire threats, protect water quality and supply, and improve wildlife habitat for at-risk species.

In Florida, the goal will be to sustain gains in Longleaf Pine Restoration Through Coordinated Cogongrass Control.

The following are projects that will take place in other states:

Alaska: Prince of Wales Landscape Restoration Partnership
Idaho: North Fork Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project
New Mexico: Sierra Blanca Restoration Partnership
Oregon: Buttes to Basins – All Lands Forest Resiliency Project
Oregon: Lake County All Lands Restoration Initiative
Puerto Rico: Ecosystem Resilience Through Conservation Practices
Tennessee: East Tennessee Aquatic Habitat for At-Risk Species

Through the new three-year projects, landowners will work with local USDA experts and partners to apply targeted forestry management practices on their land, such as thinning, hazardous fuel treatments, fire breaks, and other systems to meet unique forestry challenges in their area.

For full project descriptions and information on completed projects, visit the Joint Chiefs’ Landscape Restoration Partnership website.