Earlier in the school year, Valencia College asked its student body and the community to consider possible mascots that embodied the qualities of Valencia College students–strength, resilience, the determination to overcome obstacles, and perseverance.

The votes were cast and counted…  and the puma wins!

It should be no surprise actually, this big resilient cat rebounded in population from 20 in 1973 to around 200 today, despite encroaching development and habitat degradation.

Pumas are also self-reliant and strong. In short, pumas go after what they want, and stick with it until they achieve their goal–certainly bold values that Valencia College instills in their 42,631students that fill 10 locations in Osceola and Orange Counties in Central Florida.

Cool Puma Facts (Mentioned by Valencia College)

  • Pumas are called the ‘ghosts of the forest’ because of their quickness and stealthy walk.
  • Pumas are one of the only big cat species that purrs.
  • Some pumas can weigh up to 160 pounds.
  • Puma kittens are usually two months old when they begin forging for food with their mothers, and two years old when they strike out on their own.
  • Pumas are strong, beautiful animals that thrive in connected communities.

Positively Osceola congratulates Valencia College, its students, and the community in selecting such a powerful and highly representative mascot!

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Source: Valencia College