Are you a bit of a fast-food fan? Wendy’s is offering a fairly rocking’ buy-one-get-one free deal right now. All you have to do is download their new updated app.

The deal is on right now through Feb. 28, so you have a little under a week left to take advantage of your free beef.

Using the Wendy’s app will get you the buy-one-get-one free deal on a Dave’s Single burger or Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

If you like the speed eating at fast food restaurants but are looking for a healthier option, check out their full size salads during the deal for just $2. Healthier, fast and cheap!

This month’s deal is one of many the app has offered since it relaunched in November 2017 — just download it to your smartphone and create an account to start cashing in on the Wendy’s deals. You may even want to follow them on Twitter, it’s a great way to catch new upcoming deals at Wendy’s.

Go to the account tab and then click on the “offers” link, and the deals we described above should pop up. You can either order directly from the app itself or a follow a link that lets you redeem the deal in-person.

Remember, the offer is only valid for one order per person and our source tells us this is happening at all Wendy’s including Osceola County, but if someone states differently, be positive and just ask for a manager. Have a great weekend and save a few bucks if you can!