When a pedestrian collision happens, it usually makes the news. That’s because pedestrian crashes are simply terrifying, and happen far too often. If you or a loved one are unfortunately involved in a pedestrian crash, here are a few tips worth taking a quick look at.

Get Medical Care ASAP 

Obviously, if you are hit by a motor vehicle, you will want to make sure you get emergency medical care. For those who are still capable of communicating and requesting help, some people tend to think they can ‘tough it out’ and get help later on. This is the wrong answer. Many injuries are latent, meaning you cannot see them easily, and these injuries may show up weeks later. By then, you have given an insurance company all the ammunition they need to deny your claim.

Try to Get the Other Driver’s Information

 Police are supposed to complete reports and collect insurance and contact information from everyone on scene. Sadly, they are not 100% reliable in doing this. Sometimes the police are busy investigating the crash, they may think someone else is doing it, or they may be tired and make errors. Do not leave this part to chance. At a minimum, try to snap a picture of the license plate, the other party involved, their car, the scene, your injuries (if visible), and anything else you believe may be helpful. Of course, if your injuries are so severe that you cannot do so, just focus first on getting to safety and getting medical attention.

Do Not Answer Insurance Company Questions 

Within hours of your injuries, you may start getting flooded with phone calls from insurance adjusters and other people claiming to be investigating the crash. These are usually claims adjusters from the driver’s insurance company or investigators. They may follow you, look you up on social media, and look for any way possible to derail your claim by making you look unharmed. Do not talk to these people.

Get a Lawyer Fast

 The sooner you have a lawyer handling your case, the sooner you can get on with your physical recovery and not have to deal with the insurance representatives. Let Draper Law Office’s experience help you,. They’ve been protecting the rights of people in the community since 1984 and they will do their best to help you. If you need help after a pedestrian collision, give them a call at 407.846.0075.  The call is free, and there is no fee unless they put compensation into your pocket after an accident.