While the coronavirus case trends in other parts of Florida don’t look promising from a statistical point — 1,371 new cases and 36 new deaths were reported Wednesday morning, and Orange County added nearly 100 more cases — the trend in Osceola County remains the same as it’s been the last few weeks — steady and stable.

The Florida Department of Health reported eight new Osceola cases Wednesday, for a total of 770. There have not been any deaths reported here in days, and the COVID-19 related hospitalization rate is at 165 and has changed very little in two weeks.

The message is: We are doing what we are supposed to do, with face coverings, social distancing and limiting non-essential travel. We’ve been at it for a couple months now, and it’s getting old, but it’s also getting to be habit, and it’s no time to let our guard down. We can safely shop, eat and play as businesses, restaurants and camps re-open, but there are ways to do it safely, and “more safely”. And doing that means being #OsceolaStrong and not a statistic.