There is no doubt… there are some Positively Delicious burgers being served up in Osceola County, so Positively Osceola asked the community what their fav was, and they responded in a BIG WAY!

Today at 2pmn we’ll go LIVE on Positively Osceola’s Facebook to let you who the winner of the Best Burger in Osceola County!

Now here’s the disclaimer… if it was up to Positively Osceola we’d never be able to pick a winner, because we love SO MANY of the burgers in Osceola! There are delicious burgers from one side to the other, so we relied on our awesome community to make the call. Now  – we get to go enjoy an AMAZING BURGER or TWO today at 2 pm. We hope you’ll check out the moment LIVE at 2 pm. If you missed the vote for the Best Burger in Osceola County, not to worry. You still have 2 days to vote for the best PIZZA in Osceola County.

There is more coming from Positively Osceola – as we ask the question… who or what is the BEST in Osceola County!