If you’ve working with the state’s Reemployment system for benefits, Florida is again requiring out-of-work residents to check back into the CONNECT website every two weeks in order to re-request and qualify for unemployment benefits (i.e. “claim your weeks”) starting this week.

Gov. Ron DeSantis had previously waived this step last month in hopes of minimizing traffic on the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s (DEO) website. But with added servers and capacity, that requirement, set by federal law, is back in force. Claimants confirm that they are still unemployed and acknowledge they are able for work if a job becomes available.

DEO has also once again extended its waiver for online work registration and work search requirements — in the past, a claimant has had to document five jobs they applied for per week. The Department of Economic Opportunity, which is running the beleaguered Re-employment for the state will waive work search and work registration requirements for those filing for unemployment through Saturday, May 30. Currently, answers to work search questions are still required to process a claim in the CONNECT system but will not impact benefit payments.

To claim your weeks, click here to log-in to the CONNECT system and be sure to follow the steps included in a step-by-step guide. and this one for Pandemic Unemployment (federal) Assistance.

The CONNECT system has been going dark on the weekends to catch up on processing claims and making payments, and only accepting new claims. for state benefits.