Today is Day Whatever of the quarantine. We’ve lost count.

What we haven’t lost count of is the number of COVID-19 cases in Osceola County. Wednesday saw 10 more added to the list by the Florida Department of Health for a total of 427 since the first case was reported here on Friday, March 13, the first day of Spring Break for the schools.

ZIP code 34744 still has the highest number of cases in Osceola with 94. That area also has some dense areas of population, including the Mill Slough, Remington, Kissimmee Bay neighborhoods, Kings Highway and areas along Neptune Road west of Florida’s Turnpike. That number was at 91 last week, showing stability in that area. ZIP codes 34746 (Pleasant Hill Road, North Poinciana Boulevard, 68) , 34741 (downtown Kissimmee, 55) and 34743 (Buenaventura Lakes, 55) are next in line.

Check with us tomorrow, on Day Whatever Plus One.