The Kissimmee Police Department placed an Osceola High School student in custody after he brought a gun onto Osceola High School’s campus on Friday, January 28 that caused a school “red” lock down, as well as the lockdown of a nearby elementary school and YMCA.

Just before 11:30 am on Friday, KPD received a report that a student on the high school campus had a weapon. The school immediately activated a “red” lockdown, and with the help of KPD, safely secured the campus. While investigating the incident and reviewing a video, KPD found the student off-campus and located a BB gun. Kissimmee Police Officers found no other threats on campus and held a press conference near the school to update the media and the community.

The lockdown caused crowds of Osceola High School parents and family members to anxiously wait across the street from the high school campus on Thacker Avenue, unsure of the status of the lockdown or whether a shooting had taken place.

A captain with the Kissimmee Police Department addressed the crowds, reassuring them that a weapon had not been fired in the school. He asked them to be patient and allow the school and police to go through the process thoroughly and that their students were safe. That announcement by the KPD officer brought great solace to the family members waiting to hear that their students were safe on the campus. Well done KPD.