The 3rd Annual Kissimmee Bike Bonanza, took place this morning, April 12, 2019, to showcase a different way to commute to and from work.  This scenic 5-mile bike ride began at the Kissimmee Civic Center and looped through Kissimmee’s vibrant downtown area. Participants received a fitted bike helmet, a bike bell, and bike lights provided by reThink Your Commute from the Florida Department of Transportation which promotes smart transportation solutions for Central Florida’s workforce. 

Here are a few reasons to reThink Your Commute and embrace transportation options:

  • Attract and retain great talent
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Free up more parking for customers and visitors
  • Develop a more active, healthier workforce 

This is the 3rd year of the Kissimmee Bike Bonanza, and we will be biking through all of the different government entity buildings and through the bike trails that we’ve created for the community. We want people to use the bike trails that were created for them and take care of their health and know there is an opportunity if they live and work here in Kissimmee, that they could ride their bikes to work when it’s such a beautiful day, especially like today.

Jose Alvarez

Mayor, City of Kissimmee

Together with help from Kissimmee Main Street, the City of Kissimmee, AdventHealth and reThink Your Commute the  Kissimmee Bike Bonanza was a successful event. If you are interested in learning more about how you can reThink your commute please visit