When tensions arose recently with U.S. military action against Iran, and vice versa, thoughts quickly went to American forces in the Middle East.

While a small number of troops were moved around the region strategically, the U.S. Army is stressing it’s not looking to add to the number, via a draft.

The US Army recently sent a press release saying fraudulent text messages were being sent to the public informing them that they had been selected for a military draft, and that the texts were false and were not initiated by the Army’s recruiting command.

The message threatens to fine the recipient and says that person will be sent to jail for a minimum of six years if they don’t reply.

The Army has not used a draft since the Vietnam War over 40 years ago. The Selective Service System, a separate agency from the Department of Defense, manages registration for the Selective Service and is conducting “business as usual,” according to its official Facebook page. Congress and the President must pass official legislation in order to authorize a draft.

This current fraudulent text is a typical move by scammers that look for emotional and currently trending issues in order to take advantage of, and profit from people who are susceptible to scams.