The Salvation Army of Osceola County, which provides care and compassion to those in need in Kissimmee, was sadly vandalized and robbed on Christmas Eve, forcing the organization to temporarily close. Fortunately, the owners of Bella Roma Pizzeria, who have two locations in St. Cloud, stepped up to help.

Bella Roma donated dozens of pizzas to help meet the needs of clients who are helped at the Salvation Army Service Center in downtown Kissimmee.

“When we heard about that situation that happened, it was unfortunate and the first thing that we thought in our mind was, we can do something to help out. It felt really good to be able to step up to the plate and donate this food to the individuals who really need it most,” Eric Varmuza, co-owner of Bella Roma Pizzeria, said.

That wasn’t all Bella Roma Pizzeria did to help the Salvation Army, at its two locations, Bella Roma I and Bella Roma II donated 10 percent of their combined weekend sales to The Salvation Army of Osceola County.

“Although we donated pizzas, we wanted to make a greater impact”, said Alfredo D’Alessandris, co-owner of Bella Roma Pizzeria. “We donated twenty-two hundred dollars to the organization”, he continued.

 “We appreciate Bella Roma for stepping up and being a vital part of our community and assisting us during this process,” said Andrea Ruiz, Director, The Salvation Army Osceola County. “This is the true definition of love in action”, said Captain Ken Chapman, Area Commander, The Salvation Army Osceola County. “We are thankful to all individuals and organizations who’ve let their voices be heard through assisting The Salvation Army.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, Seeds of Hope, and Faith United Methodist, also contributed to the Salvation Army of Osceola County
To donate to The Salvation Army of Osceola, visit