Shall we call it The Festival of Bounce? Bounce-a-Palooza? The Many Ounces of Bounces?

Call it what you will, but Big Bounce America is in town for it’s 2nd weekend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Oct. 25-27 over by the Silver Spurs Arena, and it’s the largest touring inflatable event in the entire world.
Suitable for every member of the family, the bounce-fest will be Friday afternoon from noon-9 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Parking, off Shakerag Road, is free, and tickets are purchased in three-hour blocks, and there’s young kid, big kid and adults-only sessions; go to to find time slots and to purchase tickets at a slight discount than at the door.
Bounce House America made its Kissimmee delayed debut Sunday (Saturday was canceled due to nearby Tropical Storm Nestor) to a nice-sized crowd through the late morning.

You know how you friends will rent a bounce house or two for their kid’s birthday party? This is like that — on steroids. Bouncers are first greeted by The Big House. Shaped like a castle, it’s the Guinness book-certified world’s largest bounce house. Inside, there’s stuff to climb, big balls to run through, gauntlets to conquer, bubbles to chase and a DJ hosts The Big Bounce, set to music, at the top of every hour.

That one, oddly enough, while being the world’s largest, isn’t even the one they call The Giant. That name is reserved for a 900-foot long obstacle course that challenges all ages — and abilities. My 10-year-old daughter who faces obstacles all week long — she’s a second-degree karate blackbelt — took it on and reported back, “It was very tiring. But also very fun. I’ll do it again when I catch my breath.” (Oh yes, she did.)

Then there’s the mental challenge of the mazes in Air Space, and the non-stop action of of its ball pits — the personal favorite of my 4-year-old son. (Hint for the adults: you may have to go in and rescue your little kids. And then someone may have to come rescue you!)

There’s food and beverages to purchase on site, as well as socks, if you don’t bring yours. If you bring yours, think dark colors — they’re going to get dirty when you run in the grass from bounce house to bounce house.

So if you like inflated fun, this is the time to pounce — and bounce – and it’s ALL at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee!