Orlando International Airport is on the verge of serving 50 million passengers a year.

As of August, our airport known as MCO reached a rolling 12-month total of 49.9 million passengers, thanks to traffic increasing 8.43 in that month.
Spirit and Frontier Airlines each added seat capacity to the airport, adding to their routes by over a third. Additionally, international volume is up 9 percent over 2018 levels.

MCO has logged 34.45 million in passenger traffic to date in 2019, and over the last 12 months has served 42,670,792 domestic passengers and 7,234,627 international fares for a total of 49,905,419, a 7.88 percent increase in the same period a year ago.

“As the busiest airport in Florida, we continue to track and closely monitor our growing passenger totals,” Great Orlando Aviation Authority CEO Phil Brown said. “Not only is each monthly increase a travel record for us, it also re-affirms the value and importance of having the facilities and staff to meet he needs of business and leisure travelers to our region.”

Also in the region, Orlando Execute Airport, a few miles north and west of MCO, saw 120,104 aircraft operations, a 19.42 percent year-over-year increase.