Sheriff Marcos Lopez and the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office have launched a new initiative, focused on revolutionizing, simplifying, and increasing community engagement with the law enforcement agency.

The primary objective of this endeavor is to bridge the gap between the Sheriff’s Office and the community it serves. By bringing the Sheriff’s Office directly to the community, it aims to create a valuable platform for education, recruitment, and fostering stronger connections.

One of the pivotal goals of the “Osceola Sheriff’s Mobile Office” is to inform and encourage the public to participate in essential programs the agencies has in place. These initiatives have a profound impact on enhancing community safety and well-being, and the mobile office will serve as an educational hub for these programs.

Osceola Sheriff
Marcos Lopez
Osceola Sheriff

This mobile office also represents a proactive approach to recruiting deputy sheriffs from within the very community they are sworn to protect. By engaging directly with the local residents, the Sheriff’s Office hopes to identify and nurture talent within Osceola County, ensuring that the deputies truly understand and reflect the community they serve.

The “Osceola Sheriff’s Mobile Office” has been strategically planned to cover various locations throughout Osceola County, making its services and resources accessible to a wide range of residents. The launch of this initiative will commence today, starting from the Sheriff’s main office located at 2601 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy.

We’re going to take your reports, we’re going to take your complaints, we’re going to take your anonymous tips on drug information. There will be opportunities for public education. We’re going to inform you with everything you need to know, and everything you want to know about the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office,” Sheriff Marcos Lopez said. “We invite you to join us and be part of this transformative community outreach program. It exemplifies our unwavering commitment to establishing trust, fostering transparency, and nurturing collaboration between our office and the residents of Osceola County. Together, we will build a safer and stronger community.” 

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office mobile office initiative marks a pivotal step towards creating a more connected, informed, and engaged Osceola County community, cementing the Sheriff’s Office’s dedication to the well-being of its constituents.