Terry Castillo will keep her District 1 seat on the Osceola School Board for another four years as she easily beat challengers Jennifer Arguello and James Nickles in Tuesday’s primary election.

Castillo garnered 4,120 votes (52.77%), while Jennifer Arguello netted 2,239 votes (28.68%) and James Nickles received 1,449 votes (18.56%).

“We are so grateful that our community decided to put students first this election. Let’s get to work for a better Osceola,” Castillo shared with Positively Osceola after her reelection win Tuesday night.

Over on Seat 5, Erika Booth will take over Robert Bass’s seat who decided not to run for reelection. Booth, who netted 6,794 votes (54.34%) did well in early voting and held onto her lead throughout the primary election to beat Debbie Mann, who received 5,707 votes or 45.66%.

Will Fonseca and Heather Kahoun will continue to fight for Seat 4 on the school board after Fonseca garnered 44.91% of the vote (3.558 votes) and Kahoun netted 30.78% or 2,439 votes.