Each year on the last Saturday in April, National Pool Opening Day encourages pool owners across the country to make sure their swimming pools are ready for a summer of safety, fitness, and fun. Of course, in Osceola County and throughout much of Florida, we’re far ahead of much of the nation in pool preparation at this point in the year, but making sure our pools are clean, working properly, efficiently, and free of danger is still very important before the “full-on” swimming season is here.

Swimming pools provide many benefits, from physical exercise, to social interaction, to even psychological benefits. With so many families working from home, currently furloughed or layed off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pools have become backyard staycations for pool owners like never before.

Pools are an amazing way to stay healthy and fit. Exercising in a swimming pool allows us to do many things that can actually be quite difficult on land. Water makes us buoyant, so we don’t place as much strain on our joints when exercising in water.

Water creates resistance, so every move we make while we’re in the water can be a low risk of injury workout, not to mention the awesome cooling effect of water, especially in Florida where we’re already seeing above average temperatures this year.

So what should pool owners do to ensure their pools are safe and ready for the summer swimming months?

Test and balance your water to ensure it is healthy and safe.
Check your pool equipment for proper operation.
Get out your favorite pool accessories so you can fully enjoy your pool, while making sure they don’t pose a safety risk for young swimmers or for pool equipment

And, consider calling a professional to ensure your water is safe for swimming, and that chemicals are properly balanced so that your pool will last for years.

In the St. Cloud area, Pinch a Penny Pool Patio Spa can help pool owners prepare for a summer of wonderfully safe fun in their PERFECT pool. From Pool supplies and maintenance, to pool restoration, building and service, Pinch a Penny Pool Patio Spa does it all. They are located at 4507 Old Canoe Creek Road in St Cloud between US192 and Neptune Rd Just give them a call at (407) 957-1136 and be ready for another summer of safe fun in your perfect pool!