St. Cloud Fire Rescue is joining with Osceola County Fire Rescue & EMS and Kissimmee Fire Department to participate in a digital Keep the Wreath Green campaign this holiday season.

The goal of the program is to remind residents of the importance of fire safety through the holidays. The wreath, lit initially by all green bulbs, will light one red bulb for each house fire in the county through the month of December.

“The holidays are a joyous time, and we want to remind people to use caution and avoid experiencing a tragic loss due to fire this holiday season,” said St. Cloud Fire Marshal Richard Tonks.

To keep the wreath green, St. Cloud Fire Rescue is encouraging all residents to follow these safety tips:
·        If you use a real tree, get one that is fresh and keep it watered to avoid it drying out.
·        Do not leave holiday lights on when no one is home.
·        Always use UL rated lights and ensure they are rated for their location (do not use indoor-only lights outdoors).
·        Keep candles and open flames away from Christmas trees and other flammable items.
·        Always make sure candles are extinguished before you leave the house.

As a reminder, St. Cloud Fire Rescue offers smoke detectors to city residents free of charge. Please contact the St. Cloud Fire Marshal’s office at 407-957-8484.