Osceola C0unty Commissioner Cheryl Grieb will keep her name on the dias for another four years after fighting off challengers Jackie Espinoza and Carlos L. Irizarry in Tuesday’s primary. In Kissimmee, former Kissimmee Commissioner Angela Eady was elected to Seat 2 over incumbent Felix Ortiz, while Janette Martinez unseated Jim Fisher in Kissimmee’s Seat number 4 race.

Only minutes after the polls closed on Tuesday it looked like it might be a tough night for Jackie Espinoza and and Carlos Irizarry as early results showed Cheryl Grieb had performed well in early voting. After 100% of the precincts had reported, it was clear Grieb had held onto her seat with 3,628 votes (48.38%), while Espinoza had grabbed 2,919 votes (39%) and Carlos L. Irizarry pulled in 952 votes (12.7%).

“I am excited to serve the citizens of Osceola County for another 4 years! So grateful for all the support I received,” Grieb said after winning the open primary on Tuesday night.

Janette Martinez, who garnered 3,298 votes (55.19%) over Jim Fisher, who had 2,678 votes (44.81%), is a paralegal for a criminal defense attorney and is a member of the Florida Bar Paralegal Association. In 2016, Martinez completed the Kissimmee School of Government to further her understanding of local government functions.