The City of Kissimmee is letting its residents know that it’s time to take the boards off any windows that were boarded up because of  the threat of Hurricane Dorian. Code Enforcement will start addressing this issue on Monday, October 7th, as it is actually a safety concern for residents of Kissimmee.

Homeowners or business owners, including commercial properties, whose windows are boarded up, will have 5 (five) days to remove them after receiving the initial notice of violation. Although Code Enforcement will not fine violators if it’s not corrected within five-days, owners could be required to appear before the City of Kissimmee Special Magistrate, resulting in possible daily fines of $150 for each day the property remains in violation.

Per the City’s Code, residents are allowed to board windows once the National Weather Service has issued a hurricane or severe weather advisory but shall remove the board within seven (7) days after the event has passed.

For more information about the City’s Code and the regulations visit,