On Thursday, the City of Kissimmee, Underground Refuse Systems, and the FCCMA, will host a demonstration and educational session of the underground waste container system in use in Kissimmee. Underground Refuse Systems will demonstrate to 50+ City and County Managers from all over Florida how the underground containers work and benefit the community and the environment in Kissimmee. The underground waste containers are (6.5 cubic yards and are 11 ft. deep) that will be lifted by a laser-guided crane system on a custom-designed AutoCar truck that will collect the solid waste from these underground waste containers.

“We look forward to demonstrating our underground waste containers to Florida City and County Managers,” said Jody Kirkendall, Franchise Coordinator, City of Kissimmee. “This is a great way to show other government officials how the underground waste containers work in the City of Kissimmee and the benefits they bring the City firsthand.”

The City of Kissimmee was the first government agency to partner with Underground Refuse Systems on this new and innovative way of disposing of waste in their city.

Underground Refuse Systems, established in 2015, containers have environmentally friendly benefits as an underground waste container that will eliminate human and unforeseen errors, safety for the operator, productivity optimization and reduced maintenance costs, eliminate unwanted animal intrusion and unwanted dumpster users (Container can be secured for those who have access only keys), odor, and more.

Underground Refuse Systems is the exclusive and only distributor of the Nord Engineering patented underground solid waste containment and collection system in North America and headquartered in Kissimmee, FL.

“Today our partnership with the City of Kissimmee couldn’t be better and being able to showcase our underground waste containers to the City and County Managers from all over Florida is a big step for us and the City of Kissimmee,” said Jay Wheeler, President of Underground Refuse Systems. “Our collaboration with the City of Kissimmee is so important because this is where we started, and now, we have a place to show other governments how this works and the benefits of keeping our communities environmentally safe one waste container at a time.”