Since most of us are a bit hesitant to touch things in public places these days, the thought of touch screen selecting of soda fountain drinks  just doesn’t seem intriguing.

Coca-Cola is introducing new technology that will help you select your soda at a freestyle dispenser without having to touch a button or put your fingers on a screen.

Coca-Cola has announced the launch of a contactless Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser, which will give customers a chance to choose and pour their drinks by using an app on their phone.

Customers point their phone camera at the display to scan the QR code, then the app will let you choose what flavor you want… hands off!

Then, get the cup ready because your soda of choice is on the way!

“The software will be pushed to more than 10,000 Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensers later this summer, and all Freestyle dispensers will be contactless-compatible before the end of year,” according to a statement by the company.

“All Coca-Cola beverage dispensers are safe with recommended care and cleaning,” said Chris Hellmann, vice president and general manager, Coca-Cola Freestyle. “But given these uncertain times, people may prefer a touchless fountain experience.Our partners are doing everything they can to maintain a safe and hygienic dining environment, and we’re doing all we can to ensure they can continue to pour the beverages their guests desire on a platform they love.”

So Coca Cola fans… you won’t have to be concerned very soon when selecting your fav soda fountain beverage!