Did you know that the essay is one additional component of the college admission package that bolsters students’ overall application. But what are colleges looking for in the essay? It’s simple – and Huntington Learning Center wants to help. Just attend their next FREE webinar Thursday October, 8th at 1pm. 

During Huntington Learning Center’s next FREE How-To webinar, their education expert will go over the importance of the college essay and tips for students on how to make their essays stand out. We’ll share tips straight from colleges and universities around the country on how to put the best foot forward on the essay.

The webinar will also cover:

  • Creating an essay writing schedule
  • The perfect essay editing process
  • A “red flag” checklist (essay don’ts)
  • Make sure to join Huntington for this college-focused webinar!Remember, Huntington’s webinar on this very important subject is free, but you must reserve your spot now.

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