We have plenty of new statistics related to COVID-19 to bring you now, courtesy of Osceola County’s new tracking dashboard. 

There’s what we’ve brought you twice daily for going on a month now, which is still important — Osceola topped 400 cases Saturday, adding 11 to get to 403, and hospitalizations hold almost steady at 119.

Then there’s new information, such as:

  • Osceola County has 338 available hospital beds out of 1,027, roughly 1 in 3, which is steady from yesterday when the dashboard debuted. The county can add 53 more. The percentage is roughly the same as neighboring counties. It’s a number to watch intently.
  • ZIP code 34744, which includes the Osceola portion of Boggy Creek Road, the northeast side of Lake Toho and the Mill Slough area, far and away leads the county with 91 cases.
  • While the median age of county residents is 36.4, the median age of the 403 positive cases is 50.
  • The estimate cost in business damage of the county shutdown is now at $27.1 million. 918 workers have been furloughed and 167 more laid off from 222 businesses.