It’s no shock that cases of coronavirus continue to rise in Osceola County and across the state, nation and world, but there’s a little bit of good news in the data.

The Florida Department of Health reported 53 COVID-19 cases in Osceola County Friday morning, up from 45 Thursday night. There are no reported deaths as of yet, and 16 hospitalizations. Neighboring Orange County leads Central Florida with 156 cases and four deaths. Across the state there have been 35 deaths, with 1,300 across the United States and just over 25,000 worldwide.

The data does show a couple of points of good news — well, less bad. Florida reported 204 new cases on Thursday, down from 553 on Wednesday and 506 on Tuesday, so here’s hoping that’s a trend with stay-at-home declarations in place in Osceola and Orange counties.

The other news is that of the 32,468 tests administered in Florida, 2,765 came back positive, or a negative rate of 91.5 percent. One out of every 12 tests come back positive.

You are reminded that Osceola County is under a “Stay At Home” declaration, prohibiting travel unless it is to get groceries or take-out meals, or travel to work if you are in an essential industry. This is the best way to limit or reduce the spread of the virus.